Yada and the beauty of Mayadin

‘Yada’ is a very local (Arabic) expression of the Euphrates, used by the sons of the city of Mayadin, meaning ‘my brother’ or ‘my companion’. They use this word for all their dear ones, from neighbours to relatives – and it is intended to have a beautiful impact on the soul!

The Poet Abu Yazan Al-Furati sings of Al-Mayadin, Al-Rahba Castle, Ain Ali, and everything that is beautiful in the city. Accompanied by the artist and musician Mufid Ismail who sings of popular ‘Yada’ folklore.

يادا كلمة فراتية يستخدمها أبناء مدينة #المياذين بمعنى يا أخي أو ياصديقي وينادون بهذه الكلمة كل عزيز لديهم من الجيران والأقرباء
ولها وقع جميل على النفوس
#الشاعر أبو يزن #الفراتي يتغنى بالمياذين وقلعة الرحبة وعين علي وكل ماهو جميل بالمدينة
يرافقه الفنان مفيد أسماعيل فيتغنى بهذه المفردة الشعبية الجميلة يادا

A wonderful duet between our brothers Abu Yazan and Abu Aboud, a golden tongue and the owner of a magical hand. God willing you continue to grow and develop this incredible work.

Musa’ab al-Ali, from Al-Bukamal, Syria

روعة روعة. بارك الله بكم

Beautiful, beautiful, God bless you.

Bassam Abdullah, from Syria – currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark

صح لسانك شاعرنا المتألق دائما ابو يزن الغالي

The true tongue of our poet, always brilliant Abu Yazan the great.

Amar al-Sharm, from Syria

Wow, the blessings of God be upon you, greetings to you the artists Mufeed, and a thousand greeting to the poet Abu Yazan.

And al-Shamri, from Al-Raqqa, Syria

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