The Euphrates Heritage House

Report on Syria TV

The Euphrates Heritage House is a key component of the Eye on Heritage ‘Heritage of the Euphrates’ project.

In an effort to preserve Euphratean musical and literary heritage, a group of young people from the Deir ez-Zor province of Syria have established the Euphrates Heritage House. This centre is located near the Syrian / Turkish border in the Turkish province of Urfa (Şanlıurfa), which has recently become a centre for refugees from the Euphrates and Jazirah regions of Syria.

The Heritage of the Euphrates project regularly publishes content to local and regional audiences on YouTube. Its videos have attracted over five million views.

Eye on Heritage

Eye on Heritage is a platform for engaging stories from the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. We work with professional and amateur photographers and film-makers to bring authentic heritage and culture to local and international audiences.

Cultural heritage, in both tangible and intangible forms, is under threat from neglect, misappropriation, and destruction. The situation has become particularly urgent due to sectarianism, nationalism, and conflict.

Eye on Heritage provides a platform for the documentation and celebration of visual and material culture that may be vulnerable to physical damage or destruction. We also seek to record vulnerable oral and musical traditions at risk of erosion, either through the reduction in cultural transmission from one generation to the next, or through deliberate campaigns of suppression.

We combine the outreach potential of digital and social media channels with a network of talented photographers, film-makers, and storytellers. Our current projects include campaigns celebrating poetry and musical traditions from the Middle Euphrates River Valley in Syria, the Tigris River Valley in Iraq, and the rural and urban areas of northern Afghanistan.


Time Travellers in Mesopotamia

9th July 2022, LCB Depot, Leicester

Eye on Heritage participated in one of the monthly ‘CQ Earlies’ held at LCB Depot and other venues in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter.

A cinema space showed a sequence of films produced by the Eye on Heritage production studios in Urfa, Turkey and Raqqa, Syria.

Children and their accompanying adults were invited to travel back in time and try their hands at ancient writing, games, construction of ziggurats and palaces, boat building and more!

Organised by Eye on Heritage and the Enheduanna Society in conjunction with the University of Leicester and The Station, Iraq, also including activities designed by Esagil Games.


Heritage of the Euphrates

Sharing the poetry, music, and storytelling traditions from the people and places along the Euphrates River Valley in Syria.

Zipang Recording Project

Produced by Eye on Heritage partners The Enheduanna Society, the Zipang Recording Project is series of audio and video recordings popularising the literature of ancient Iraq through the art of oral storytelling.

Heritage of the Tigris

Sharing the poetry, music, and storytelling traditions from the people and places along the Tigris River Valley in Iraq.

Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan

Sharing the poetry, music, and storytelling traditions from the rural and urban areas of northern Afghanistan.

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